All that shines isnt always gold.

 But, the consumer mindset of the American population has become so susceptible to the attraction of sales” that even an 80%-90% mark-down at a department store does not make us stop to think if that discount is really true.

 Sure, it doesnt matter much if the clothes youre buying at these ridiculous discounts are of a cheap variety. Or you still dont know that the bargain-basement designer label clothing are usually manufactured specifically for the bargain-basement shoppers. (No self-respecting fashion designer would churn out all that shoddy stuff, made in some seedy sweatshop in Guangzhou, China, at his or her `realstores.)

 But matters do get a little more complicated when youre falling for the deep discount trap at a Botox spa or clinic that is offering low, low, low prices for a short time only.

 Lets put the injectors certifications and experience aside for a minute. Lets just look at the product youre actually getting.

 Is it the good stuff? Or is it a diluted version that wears away far sooner than the 3-4 months that Botox is supposed to last?

 Whenever patients complain that the effects of their Botox disappeared too quickly, its probably because they were reeled in with shiny promises of deep discounts by some medical spa doling out injections like Halloween candy, and then sent home with less Botox than they thought they were getting. Or the product was illegally imported from another country, and it may not actually be what the label says.

This is something a reputable physician would surely never do!

 You see, even though there are guidelines on how many ccs of saline should be diluted in the Botulinum toxin as an acceptable standard, some clinics will deliberately add a bit more to increase the number of injections they can get from each vial.

 How else will they make any profit after offering you the fantastic discount?

This is a good reason to look beyond price when shopping for Botox. In fact, dont `shop’ for Botox at all. Find yourself a reputable, reliable physician instead who understands the science of the face and places injections most strategically to give you the optimal results youre hoping for.

 Youll be happier with how you look afterwards. And, you will not have to make extra visits in the future because you didnt receive the right amount of product that you needed in the first place.