One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States is breast augmentation. In 2018, 313,735 procedures were performed, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the figure is set to rise even further in 2020.

When we think of enhancement in the upper body area, we often tend to think in terms of larger breasts with a prominent cleavage that shows off well in swimsuits in summer and outfits with plunging necklines throughout the year.

But, in an interesting departure from this commonly-held notion, small breasts are emerging as a growing trend in 2020, which goes to prove how society is changing perceptions when it comes to the idea of feminine beauty.

And here are some reasons why:


# 1: Women Are Leading More Active Lifestyles

The continued popularity of athleisure wear is a clear indication that women have embraced fitness as a long-term goal. A gym-toned body suggests discipline, self-care, determination and youth, and small, well-shaped breasts are the perfect accessories for an active lifestyle.


# 2: Smaller Breasts Are Setting Women Free From Fashion Bondage

Big boobs and fashion go together like oil and water. Because breasts are difficult to dress without ruining correct fitting of an outfit, finding clothes that flatter anything above a Cup C can be a challenge. One has to buy larger clothing to make sure that the large breasts fit, spoiling the rest of the silhouette in the process.


# 3: Plastic Is Popular No More

Once upon a time, say in the 50s, the beauty industry promoted a plastic, doll-like appearance and women proudly wore big, beehive hairstyles in bold, unrealistic colors that obviously came from a bottle. But not anymore. From fashion to cosmetics, the aim is to create a subtle, natural persona, no matter how much effort one goes to in order to achieve it. And size of breasts is no different. Just look at images of Pamela Anderson from the 90s, for example, and her overstated charm now looks positively ‘retro.


# 4: Women With Smaller Breasts Have More Fun In Bed

 According to research done at the University of Vienna, small breasts are 24% more sensitive than larger ones. Which means women with smaller breasts probably enjoy sexual relations a lot more than women with large ones.


 # 5: Women No Longer Want To Be Objectified

Being admired merely for a pair of large breasts isnt considered an asset anymore by women who are as independent and self-actualized as men. As masters of their own destiny, they dont need to kowtow to such obsolete male stereotypes and dare to have breast sizes that are most pleasing and comfortable for themselves.


# 6: The Stereotype Isnt Always True!

Modern men are not as obsessed with Double D cups as the world would like to think. Male attitudes towards women have undergone a sea change as well, and studies have found that men who like women with smaller breasts are likely to be more intelligent and evolved than their ‘Neanderthalcounterparts. In fact, according to an article published in Psychology Today, wealthy men tend to appreciate small breasts while men who have problems with money still hold on to the ideal of big, comforting ones.